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Greening New York City for over 20 years, we provide full-service urban garden design and installation for spaces large and small. Our services include selection, procurement and installation of plant and hardscape material, furniture and container custom design or procurement and continued maintenance. We also design, install and maintain interior gardens and provide holiday décor for both inside and out. We are experienced in residential and commercial green roofs, terraces, rooftops, and outdoor and indoor green "living rooms".

With a nod to the future and a wink to the past our gardens feel both modern and timeless. Rebecca's award-winning designs have been profiled in over a hundred publications including Garden Design, Harper's Bazaar and The New York Times. We received “Best in Show” in Seattle and San Francisco for our “living green roof design. Our clients include: boutique hotels: Soho Grand, Tribeca Grand, and The Soho James, loads of celebrities that hate to be named and regular folks lucky enough to have outdoor space in New York!

Whatever you green project…let us help: info*at*rebeccacolegrows.com or 212-216-9492.